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INSIGHTEC, the world leader in non-invasive MR-guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS) technology, announced today that Exablate for pain palliation of bone metastases in cancer patients is now a covered benefit for members of a major health insurance provider in the US.

This expansion of coverage means that a total of 99.8 million members across the United States now have access to MRgFUS for palliative care of painful bone metastases. Up to 70% of bone metastases patients suffer from severe pain and radiotherapy fails to provide pain relief in 30–40% of patients.

INSIGHTEC’s Exablate treatment is FDA-approved for patients suffering from pain associated with bone metastases and to date over 1000 patients have been treated worldwide.

“This coverage decision is a huge win for our cancer patients suffering with bone pain,” said Sean M Tutton, MD, Director at the Division of Interventional Radiology and Professor of Radiology, Palliative Medicine, and Surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin. “MRgFUS has proven to be an effective totally non-invasive treatment in reducing pain and narcotic needs even in patients that have failed radiation already”, he concluded.

“The momentum continues to build for INSIGHTEC’s Exablate treatment. This expansion of insurance coverage provides more opportunities for improving the quality of life of more patients,” commented Ramya Singh, Vice President Sales and Marketing – Americas at INSIGHTEC.

“INSIGHTEC continues to dedicate efforts toward expanding coverage by insurers for the Exablate treatment. We are encouraged as more patients gain access to this non-invasive treatment which uses no radiation to control their painful metastases,” said Dee Kolanek, VP of Reimbursement at INSIGHTEC.

For a list of centers in the US treating patients for pain palliation of bone metastases, please visit our website at

Radiology Today’s June feature article publicized a great overview of MRgFUS technology – its current applications in the US and globally, as well as future applications. The article also provides the experiences and points of view of several U.S. champions of the technology, such as Pejman Ghanouni, MD, PhD, from Stanford University Medical Center and Suzanne LeBlang, MD, Chief Medical Officer of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation.

For the full article CLICK HERE.

MR-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) developer INSIGHTEC announced that various Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BCBS) networks have updated coverage policies for its Exablate MRgFUS procedure for bone metastases.

BCBS of Massachusetts, Mississippi, Idaho, and Arizona plan to cover the procedure, following BCBS networks in New Jersey and North Carolina and Health Care Service, the second largest BCBS commercial insurer in the U.S., InSightec said. The new approvals bring the total number of members covered for the procedure to 32 million.

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